Prosthesis Silicone Cup In A Round Shape.

Beauty form silicone cup in a round shape offers you security and firmness in a special bra specially designed for women with their needs.



Silicone breast forms are designed to fit women who have had more modified breast surgeries.
The semicircular shape will fit on either side of the body.
Tapered Oval Breast Shapes Tapered Triangle Wing(s) or Tapered Oval Mix
with the chest wall for a smooth, unbroken line.
We have all sizes available regardless of the shape or size you prefer.
Sizes: A, B, C, D, E.
Color: Nude.
Suggested sizes:
A: Cup, bra sizes: 34b, 34c, 36b.
B: Cup, bra sizes: 34d, 36c, 38b.
C: Cup, bra sizes: 36d, 38c ,40b.
D: Cup, bra sizes: 38d, 40c, 42b.
E: Cup, bra sizes: 40d, 42c, 42d.



A, B, C, D, E


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Prosthesis Silicone Cup In A Round Shape.
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