Hourglass Vest With Hooks And Zipper

Hourglass type vest with three lines of hooks and zipper offers. Instant Hourglass Figure: This vest is designed to emphasize the waist and create an hourglass figure.



The three lines of hooks allow for different levels of compression,
making it customizable to your desired level of waist shape. You can adjust it to provide more or less
compression depending on your comfort level and the occasion. Easy to use: the zipper on the front makes it.  Convenient to put on and take off the vest, saving you time and effort compared to other shapewear options. It also ensures a secure fit all day long, preventing the vest from sliding or rolling up. Supportive and Comfortable: Wires on the sides of the vest provide additional support to the waist and maintain its shape.
It helps keep everything in place without feeling too restrictive, allowing for comfortable all-day wear. Versatile and discreet: The vest can be worn under various outfits, including dresses, tops or blouses.  The vest may also provide some improvement in posture. The combination of compression and support in the waist and sides encourage you to stand taller and straighter, promoting better alignment and reducing slouching posture.
Overall, the hourglass vest with three lines of hooks, a zipper in the front and wires on the sides offers a multitude of benefits for those seeking to enhance their figure, improve posture and feel safe


Black, Beige


S, M, L, XL


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Hourglass Vest With Snaps And ZipperHourglass Vest With Hooks And Zipper
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