Girdle: Flattening Abdominal Board


Get the results you want with the best lipo surgery table Made with the best fabrics. This liposuction table for abs will speed up the healing process after surgery. This sit up board will fit around your waist. avoiding fluid retention and skin folds. let this table become your best ally during your recovery.



Perfectly lined lipo foam. Flatten the sit-up board for optimal results. The convenient size fits perfectly under any form-fitting girdle or body shaper. Helps to obtain faster postoperative results thanks to its additional compression. Perfect for daily use or after surgery. It helps the muscle to adhere faster to the skin and prevents it from folding and leaving unwanted permanent marks. Also known as a lipo board, abdominal compression board, flattening board, shaping board, shapewear board.
Key Features:
The sash is not included. 9″ wide x 8.5″ long x 0.5″ thick. Tummy Tuck Board. Lycra Spandex.

Black, Beige




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Girdle: Flattening Abdominal Board
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