Body Wrap Waist Trainer Fullness Fit It Everyone

A Slim, Curvy Physique: Do you want to achieve a snatched waist? Get your dream figure in no time with the help of a wraparound waist trainer for women, which you can wear under your outfit.



Our wrap band is 4 meters long and 12 cm wide, wide and long enough for all sizes within the waist from 20 inches to 40 inches, no matter what long torso or short torso you have, this wrap band waist can fit well, no size problem with our waist trimmer band
Velcro closure at the end of the bandage wrap, help you wear it easily and make it stay on well, suitable for all body types and sizes
Usually your waist will be snatched 3-5 inches. If you wear this wrap shapewear when exercising or on a balanced diet, you can quickly snatch those extra inches off your waist and abdomen, help with postpartum recovery, improve posture, can relieve lower back pain, protect your spine, speed up burning fat during exercise
Comfortable invisible waist trimmer belt.
Composition: made of 95% polyester + 35% latex, it is suitable for any figure and not easy to loosen, perfect for sports or daily life, can be well invisible under all kinds of clothes.





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Body Wrap Waist Trainer Fullness Fit It Everyone
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